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Buying a golf cart is harder than you might think. New carts are expensive, and it's hard to know exactly which one is right for you. Buying used is risky – there are plenty of questionable "bargains" out there. Golf Cart Comparison wants to help you make the right choice.

Golf Cart Comparison gives you detailed information on what to consider before you start shopping, a look at the various types of golf carts, utility vehicles, and other specialized vehicles, pricing information, and more. Our advice is 100% free and unbiased: we don’t sell golf carts ourselves, and we provide information on multiple manufacturers.

Then you can choose to speak with one of our Purchasing Advisors who can walk you through the process and handle any issues or questions that arise. Our Advisors provide these services and more:

Before you start shopping

Compare gas and electric engines, then evaluate your environment.

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Types of carts and utility vehicles

Explains the basics of golf carts, utility vehicles, burden carriers, and more.

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New vs. used golf carts

How to balance reliability and cost savings to make the best choice for your company.

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Prices and

How much you can expect to pay and what to look for in a dealer.

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Not just for the golf course
Use of golf carts has long ago expanded beyond the plush confines of the local country club. They're used a wide variety of settings where a small, nimble vehicle can get the job done: manufacturing and industrial plants, convention centers, warehouses, recycling facilities, schools, colleges, universities, sports complexes, ranches, farms, and more.

As golf carts have taken on more roles, manufacturers have responded by introducing more features that suit the new activities. This includes larger cargo beds, improved off-road capabilities, and more comprehensive safety features.

There also a growing trend of individual ownership of golf carts for personal transportation. In many localities, golf carts can be made street legal with a few modifications. As an on-road vehicle, golf carts provide a cheap way to get around town and run errands.

Don't let terminology throw you off
As you're shopping, you're likely to hear different terminology used by different dealers. "Golf carts" and "golf cars" can refer to the entire class of small 4-wheeled vehicles, but to some dealers they only refer to vehicles designed for actual golf course use. Sometimes, "utility vehicle" means any cart not designed for the golf course use, including burden and personnel carriers; other times it refers more specifically to heavy-duty off-road carts.

Bottom line? Make sure you're speaking the dealers' language, and don't worry if they use the terminology slightly differently than you're used to. As long as you go in prepared with a solid understanding of your needs and what you're looking for, you'll be able to get the vehicle you need. And if you use this site for reference, we'll help you prepare! Read on to find out what you should know before you start shopping.